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Ken Baldauf, the voice of Cengage Learning's "Coursecast of the Week", is the Director of the Program in Interdisciplinary Computing at Florida State University, where he is responsible for developing courses to meet computing and technology needs across disciplines.

Between teaching and authoring Cengage Learning's Succeeding with Technology and Principles of Information Systems, Ken has developed a keen sense of what technology news and information is most important for college students as they prepare to enter the job market. Ken considers it his professional mission to help students from every educational discipline achieve the maximum benefits from the "power of technology". That's why Ken starts every day sifting through dozens of online news sources to bring you the latest and most relevant technology stories along with explanations of what they mean and why they matter.

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CourseCasts are audio podcasts that bring learning to a whole new medium. Our podcasting solution provides you with technology news you can use by consolidating the latest in industry news and updates in an mp3 broadcast.

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